Airtable Help & Support

Airtable Support is the best place for getting your Airtable specific problems sorted out.If you aren’t sure if your problem is with Airtable, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to guide you.

How Automatic Sync Works

WHAT AUTOMATIC SYNC DOES Automatic Sync pushes ALL of your Live listings from all Marketplaces to your base in the background. Merch Wizard will then start opening a series of tabs to extract the required information to save to your base. Note that if you also want your full PNGs to be synced with your listings, you must have Automatically […]

How to use the Concatenate Function in the Scaler Table

Use this Merch Wizard Quick Tip to learn how to use the MerchWizard Scaler table with the Concatentate (Join/Connect) Function to create your scaled Brand/Title/Bullets/Description text. Article coming soon, but in the meantime check out our video on this topic at

Linking The Designs Table to the New Listings Table

Use this Merch Wizard Quick Tip to learn how to link your New Listings table with designs in your Designs Table for loading up your designs into the Merch Wizard app when uploading to Merch by Amazon from the New Listings table. Article coming soon, but in the meantime check out the video on this topic!

Tutorial – State Scaler Example Guide

Use this Merch Wizard intermediate guide to learn how the Merch Wizard Scaler table can be used to create your listings for US States. Article coming soon. In the meantime, please check out the video at

Niches Table Explained

With the release of the Merch Wizard Starter Base (version 4) came some really helpful additional fields to get you generating keywords for your listings and/or designs really quickly. There is a nice video in our Facebook group showing how to use these new fields but let’s break down your options here in more detail, so you can decide […]

How are the Listings table records and my Merch products linked?

The ASIN field is the unique identifier that Merch Wizard requires to link your Merch by Amazon product listings to a particular record in the Listings table in your Airtable base.If using the Relister feature (Pro/Elite Tiers) you can find the removed listing in your Airtable base and modify the listing data (brnad, title, bullets, […]

Working with Niches, Keywords & Tags in your Workflow

It’s recommended to read this article explaining the Niches table before reading this, as some of the Niches added in that article are covered in this article as well.  There are only really two main workflows that are commonplace and most users will be using the Listings table at the core of their Merch Wizard/Airtable setup. […]