Sync Updates Only Toggle

If you’re using multiple bases, the “Sync Updated Only” toggle changes everything. No more having to sync and delete, or sync records one by one. You can now keep your bases completely up to date as often as you like, and rest assured that each base will still only have the specific records you desire.

Let’s say you keep a base for the US Marketplace, a base for the UK Marketplace, and a base for the DE Marketplace.

Switch on the toggle, and make sure your US base is selected as active. Update your records using the new “start automatic sync” or the tried and true “push listings to airtable” button. Once that’s complete, switch active bases, and repeat, until you’ve done all 3. Each base will only have the data for the already existing listings updated — so price and product detail changes will be up to date, BSR, product reviews. Perfect.

And when you want to add new listings, you can just turn off the toggle, and add them using the “push listings to airtable” button, or the individual “add to airtable” buttons next to each product.