Why Merch Wizard & OrbitKit?

Blast your Merch by Amazon designs off into the World of POD with supreme ease and simplicity by utilizing the all new Merch Wizard Elite Tier integration of OrbitKit right from within the Merch Wizard Chrome browser extension you already know and love.


Use Your Curated Merch Product Data

With all your Merch listings automatically saved to your own private Airtable database, start by assigning a few quick Tags (and some Niches if you want to automatically populate your tags).

Powerful Search & Filters to Help Prioritize Your Expansion

Choose the designs you want to send to OrbitKit from the Merch Wizard Browser extension, and hit the "Push to OrbitKit" button. Watch in awe as your designs get blasted over to your OrbitKit account directly from Merch Wizard.

Passive Income is Magical

Once you have everything ready in OrbitKit, in just a few clicks all of your designs are en route around the globe being dropped off at all of the POD platforms you have setup…while you go and do something better with your time!
Elite Tier Only

Try 30 days of OrbitKit Starter for $5, or Pro for $20.

What is OrbitKit & Why You Need It?

OrbitKit is an extremely simple to use browser-based web tool that enables you to automatically push your shirt design pngs to hundreds of products on multiple Print on Demand platforms with ease.

POD platforms currently supported are Redbubble, Spreadshirt (US & EU/UK), Society6, FineArtAmerica, Design by Hümans, Cafepress, Teespring, Inktale & more to be announced soon. Just use your existing accounts or create new ones if you like, create a template product for each platform and let OrbitKit replicate those templates for all of your designs. After just a few hours of initial setup the magic is simply genius.

Once you have each platform configured, you just add a design to OrbitKit, tell it which platform(s) & product sets you want that design to appear on and then go and do something else with your time. Pop back later and as if by magic, your design will now be everywhere you expect it to be, perfectly aligned and sized to match the templates you made. Those headaches you used to get when uploading to ‘some’ platforms….? Gone forever! 🙂

OrbitKit Print on Demand Integrations for Merch Wizard

What's The Best Part?

As if that wasn’t cool enough, every time a new POD platform is added by the OrbitKit team, just add your account info (or create a new account), setup one template product set and assign those products in one-click to all of the designs in your account. That means when a new platform is added, in less than an hour you can queue up every single one of your designs for that platform. They will be synchronized in line with your subscription level per day. Imagine being able to add 5,000 designs to 20 different product types on the new platform spending only ONE HOUR of your time… Truly. Mind. Blowing.

This same concept applies if you just want to start out with one or two POD platforms to begin with, then when you’re ready to add another one, in less than an hour… boom… All your designs are queued up and sent off to that one too!

Elite Tier Only

Try 30 days of OrbitKit Starter for $5, or Pro for $20.

Merch Wizard + OrbitKit Integration

Click to hop on board the OrbitKit Rocket, powered by some Merch Wizard Magic Fuel!

How Much Does OrbitKit Cost?

There are currently two subscription plans for OrbitKit, using our special Merch Wizard link, get your first month heavily discounted for only $5 for your first month of a Starter plan or grab the Pro plan for only $20 for the first month. Thereafter, if you like what you see, love the time you have recovered and continue on with an OrbitKit subscription, you will be charged from your next month at the standard rate going forward.

The functionality & support is identical on both plans just the amount of designs synced to your PODs is either 5x designs per platform per day on the Starter plan and 20x designs per platform per day for the Pro plan. The Starter plan price is $35 monthly and the Pro costs $95 monthly.

Which ever plan you take, you can continue to queue up designs above and beyond the daily sync limit of your account so you don’t have to login every day to set the next batch going. Just queue up ALL of your designs in one go if you like, whether that’s a few hundred, a few thousand or a few tens of thousands. OrbitKit will just plod away, every single day (or night) and keep a continuous steady flow of your designs to all the platforms you configure.

OrbitKit Starter


For Your First Month
(Then, $35 Monthly)
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OrbitKit Pro


For Your First Month
(Then, $95 Monthly)
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Merch Wizard Elite

The most innovative & magical Merch by Amazon tool, now with OrbitKit integration