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Before you can get started managing your product listings, you’ll need to get a FREE or PREMIUM Gumroad Key, and add the Free Merch Wizard Starter Template Base to your Airtable account. If you don’t already have a Free Airtable account, you’ll be prompted to create one. Prefer a video to follow along?


Add the Merch Wizard Extension to Google Chrome

Just visit the our page on the Google Chrome store to add the extension to your browser, instantly.
Just visit the our page on the Google Chrome store to add the extension to your browser, instantly.


Get a Free or Premium Gumroad License Key!

You’ll need a license key to get started. Choose from our free or premium tiers, and complete your signup with Gumroad. Once you arrive on the Gumroad “Thank You” page, simply click “Activate Merch Wizard” and wait until you see the confirmation, “Activation Successful”.
You can access your license key as well as the Merch Wizard activation button from your Gumroad library, with a few clicks. Locate Merch Wizard in your gumroad library, the click the diagonal arrow > download, and then you’ll see it.


Click Copy Starter Base to open the Merch Wizard Starter Base in a New Tab, then click “Copy Base” in the upper right corner.

At this time, you’ll be prompted to either login to Airtable, or create a new account. Then simply select a default workspace to copy the new base into.
You’ll need to create a free Airtable account, or log into your existing Airtable account, to connect to Merch Wizard.


Open your new base, and click “Add Base to Merch Wizard”, on the upper right side of the screen.

If you notice a confirmation that your base has been added, you’re all set! You can create and add additional bases at any time. You’re ready to get started with Merch Wizard!

However if you find a new tab is opened, directing you to your Airtable account, simply complete Step 5 below before trying to add the base again.


Generate an Airtable Account API Key

If your Airtable account is new or you’ve never used it with an API key based application, Merch Wizard may prompt you to generate an Airtable API key. If you don’t see this step don’t worry, that means you’re all set!

Once you’ve generated your API key, you can circle back to step 3 and complete copying the base to your account.

You’re all set! You can now sync your listings and get started!