Discover the Magic in Your Merch.

Be empowered to organize, analyze, and utilize your product data
to take your Merch by Amazon Business to the next level.

Simple & Secure Access to Your Complete Merch Data, How You Need It

Merch Wizard works by integrating your Merch by Amazon data with Airtable — an incredibly powerful yet super easy to use database application.

Because Merch Wizard is simply acting as a facilitator between your Merch data and the trusted Airtable API application — your data is never stored, or passed through a third party server. It’s safe and secure.

Using MerchWizard from your Merch by Amazon dashboard, you can push up to 100 products at a time to compliantly sync with Airtable, typically in under a minute. Sync thousands of product listings quickly and effortlessly.

Merch by Amazon Airtable Integration for Organizing Products

Explore Advanced Search & Filter Tools to Generate Actionable Product Lists

The Merch Wizard app gives you easy access to all of your product data in a quick and functional format — directly in your Chrome browser. You can use powerful search features to drill down deep.

  • Search your product listing data by keywords, attribute values, sales metrics, customer reviews, and more
  • Filter to comfortably refine results by product type or marketplace.
  • Sort by any visible field to create the perfect ordered list
  • Create lists of products to be batch edited for easy price or product detail changes
  • Generate custom stores featuring the products of your choice
  • Download batches of high resolution PNG design files to your computer, and more.

From Airtable, you can use filters, groups, and sorting to create custom views that will allow you to see your products organized by a variety of attributes. These visual and tactical displays of your business data will help you to identify patterns, errors, successes and more.

Advanced Product Search for Merch

Gain New Insight By Examining Sales, Market Presence, Customer Reviews, & More

Using the Merch Wizard manage page enhancements, it’s easy to push both your product listing data, as well as your sales statistics to Airtable, for further analysis. You’ll find complete and powerful information that will help guide you toward profitable business decisions.

You’ll gain a more thorough understanding not only about which of your products are selling and which are not, but you’ll also be able to examine why with a wide range of Merch by Amazon listing information at your fingertips.

Using Airtable, you can create custom views to help you monitor customer reviews, returns and cancellations, revenue and royalties, BSR, product removals and so much more.

Analyze Merch by Amazon Sales Tool

Edit Product Data, List New Products, Execute Strategy, & Expand the Reach of Each Design

The Merch Wizard browser app is the Merch by Amazon tool for listing and editing product information that will change the way you think about product creation. Once tedious and laborious tasks, you’ll find that keeping your Merch by Amazon product catalog fresh and up to date is a breeze.

Our first in class Quick Product Relister is the tool that the Merch Community has been waiting for. Relist products that have been removed for no sales directly from the Merch manage page — no manual searching, typing, or tracking down design files — and automatically update your base accordingly.

  • List existing designs onto new product types, marketplaces, and even other Print on Demand websites with just a few clicks.
  • Manage and relist products that have been removed for no sales to give them a new chance at success.
  • Batch edit product listings, with the option to adjust prices incrementally — for example, raise the price on all products in a specific niche, by $1.
  • Maintain compliance with the Merch by Amazon TOS by actively searching your product listings for violating terms and newly registered trademarks.
  • Create listings data for scaled designs simply with the scaler table, variables, and the Merch Wizard extension.

With powerful editing and listing tools in one package, the possibilities of what tasks you can perform combined with the intricate data available, is limitless.

Relist Removed Products Merch By Amazon No Sales

“This tool has helped my business so much! Not only do I save time on uploading designs, but I also stay more organized. I use this every day, and I’m not sure how I used to survive without it!”

Helen KinsonMerch Money

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Learn why so many are calling this a must-have Merch by Amazon tool.

Powerful Data Always Within Reach

Easily generate actionable lists of Merch By Amazon products, from right within your browser.

Powerful Search & Filters

Combine advanced search and intuitive filters to drill down products by keywords, brands & titles, sales metrics, customer reviews, pending removals, & more.

Create Custom Shops, on the Fly

Use your search results to create custom lists of products, gathered handily in an amazon shortlink, ready to share.

Next Generation Batch Product Editing

Quickly edit pricing and listing information for all search results or just those selected, either by overwriting existing information, or incrementally.

Download PNG Design Files

Quickly download a batch of PNG’s to load to new garments, marketplaces, relist, and more.

Select All or Just Some

Apply batch editor actions, file downloads, and store generator features to all of your search results, or you can pick and choose.

Access & Work with Individual Products

Click to select a product for a more detailed view, or manage it on Merch by Amazon.

Easily Switch Between Airtable Bases

If you choose to store your data over several Airtable bases, we’ve got your covered. Merch Wizard can work with them all.

Maximize Your Return on Each Listing

Effortless access to product data & design files makes listing on new products, marketplaces, and POD properties a breeze.

Merch Wizard Single Listings Product Navigator
Edit & Manage Single Products

Quickly navigate between products, edit or manage them on Merch by Amazon, or return to search results.

Access Product Entry Data

View all of your product entry data at a glance — from title and brand, to bullets, descriptons, pricing, custom tags, and more,

Track Designs Uploads

Easily mark a design as uploaded to various Print on Demand websites, right in your browser.

Easy Copy & Paste

Click the copy icon next to any product information for easy replication when uploading to any Print on Demand Website.

View & Download Your Design Files

Never waste time searching for PNG files again. Access your designs, download them for use, or view them with a background that can be toggled from dark to light. PC users can even copy a PNG URL for remote upload to Merch by Amazon on new products!

Product Listing Management Simplified

Enhancements to your Merch management dashboard provide the tools and insight you need to manage your business.

Merch by Amazon Manage Dashboard enhanced by Merch Wizard
Fewer Mouse clicks = More Productivity

Open a “Create Product” tab for each product you are about to list, with just one click.

Quickly Switch Between Airtable Bases

Switch bases with ease so you can organize and act upon the products that need your attention.

Push Your Listings to Airtable Instantly

This is where the magic all begins. Push your listings to Airtable, so that your data can power all of the Merch Wizard features that light up your productivity.

Easily Relist All Removed Products

With one click, open each product on the manage page that has been removed for no sales, with the Quick Product Relister activated. Complete the relisting process in record time.

Sync Your Sales Statistics to Airtable

Just one click will sync your sales statistics — numbers sold, cancelled returned, revenues, royalties, BSR and more — across your entire Merch by Amazon account, to your Airtable base.

Edit Page Quick Access

We think access to the edit page should be simple. Not hiding behind a dropdown. With Merch Wizard, it is.

Add & Update Airtable Records Individually

A red “Add to Airtable” will light up green once you click it, and the listing has been synced. Click the green “Update Airtable” button to push that individual listings latest product information to your base.

Relist & Manage Removed Products

Merch Wizard will indicate when a synced product has been removed for no sales, and clicking the relist button will walk you through the relisting process in just moments, with all the product info and files you need, available on screen. Mark a product relisted or removed it from your base to complete the process.

Quick Price Changes are Easy

Raise or lower prices by a penny or a dollar, to execute strategy, quickly and easily.

OrbitKit Automate Print on Demand Integration Tool

OrbitKit Integration has Arrived!

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Learn why so many are calling this a must-have Merch by Amazon tool.