Relister Function Video

Here is the tutorial video for the Relister & Reactivate features. Duration 6:25 Relist to New This works exactly the same as the older Relister did with single listings before the multi-uploader came from Merch. For this, if the listing for that product is found in your active base then you are able to create a completely […]

How are the Listings table records and my Merch products linked?

The ASIN field is the unique identifier that Merch Wizard requires to link your Merch by Amazon product listings to a particular record in the Listings table in your Airtable base.If using the Relister feature (Pro/Elite Tiers) you can find the removed listing in your Airtable base and modify the listing data (brnad, title, bullets, […]

Airtable to Merch Direct PNG Upload — PC USERS ONLY

Airtable to Merch direct PNG upload Discover another benefit of having all your PNGs in Airtable. When it comes to relisting them or putting them on other products you don’t need to find them on your machine any longer! (PC users only unfortunately)Article coming soon but in the meantime please check out the how-to video!