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Here is the tutorial video for the Relister & Reactivate features. Duration 6:25

Relist to New

This works exactly the same as the older Relister did with single listings before the multi-uploader came from Merch. For this, if the listing for that product is found in your active base then you are able to create a completely new multi-uploader listing using those details (and associated png files if available). This will be independent of any previous multi or single listings using that same design.


If used with an older single listing which was converted by Merch automatically to a multi-listing which you haven’t edited since it was converted, Re-Activate will behave almost the same way ‘Relist to New’ works. The only difference is the product will be auto selected.

This also serves effectively as a ‘Resurrector’ tool as well. This is because with Merch Wizard we can use listings that were previously single listings that have then since been removed on Merch and then Re-Activate them with Merch Wizard, bringing them back to life and able to use the original listing data from before it was removed. This all, without having to have this listing data synced to your Airtable base.

The main benefit of Re-Activate (which will get more relevant & useful as time goes on) is for cases where the listing that has been removed, was previously part of a multi-product listing with a matching (merch assigned) Design ID. This allows you to reactivate (or add again if you prefer) that specific product listing back to the same multi-uploader listing. This prevents you from having too many multi-listings with the same design and Design ID, which you would get if you only used the ‘Relist to New’ each time.

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