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One of the number one mistakes artists and creators make running a Merch By Amazon business is using the “If we build it, they will come” method. 

Creating cools designs will only get you so far. 

Yes, to truly turn your side hustle into a full-fledged business, you need to actually treat it like a business.

In this article, we will go through 3 ways to professionalize your Merch By Amazon side hustle and turn it into a real source of income.

1: Build a list and never let go of it. 

Back in the eBay days, I remember when I was making about $600-$1200/day selling arbitrage items, and then one day just like that I was done. My business came to a screeching halt. While Merch by Amazon is significantly different, I always told myself I would never again build a business 100% reliant on someone else’s traffic. 

Your list will be your direct line of communication to your fans! 

Every creator knows the feeling that had as a newbie when they would post their first creation and check every few hours to see if it sold. The reality is, hardly anyone was seeing it. 

On the other hand, seasoned sellers will post their creations and then launch an email campaign paralleling them. They use Merch By Amazon simply as a way to quickly get their products out there without having to worry about printing, logistics, etc. But they are smart enough to know that if you want something from Merch by Amazon, Merch by Amazon is going to want something from you. 

So do not count on them to promote your products, that is your job. 

Another way to think of it is like this… Do you really think Amazon doesn’t have the budget to hire an artist to create cool designs for their merch? 

So what is the value for them in offering this service? 

The value is in the wholesale goods coupled with YOUR LIST. 

So what are some ways that you can build your own list? 

Many sellers are using landing page software such as Clickfunnels, LeadTracker, Kartra, MailChimp, Aweber, Etc… 

These platforms all have their own pros and con’s and we are in no way affiliate with any of them. 

But the idea is that you can create landing pages for coupons, contests, etc… 

For instance, if you have a new design you can promote a contest by giving away a free item. 

To enter the contest they simply need to fill out the form… AKA building your list. 

Now that you have them on your email list you can send out emails on a weekly basis, but here is a pro tip…

Do not make everything about promotions. 

When selling your merch, you have to realize that the story behind the merch is almost the most important piece of the puzzle. 

Imagine that you are a musician and you were playing a Gig and while you were playing someone in the audience spilled beer all over your guitar pedals.

You could write an entire email around this. 

Then, you could link them to a product that encompasses the story in a design. 

While this was just a silly example, the reality is that the story behind the merch is important. 

The second way to turn your side hustle into a business is through streamlining the operations.

MerchWizard is hands down the best tool for this. 

Did you know that with MerchWizard you can

  • To create the design files you need for Merch on the page, without ever leaving the multi-product creator screen:
  • Resize
  • Crop 
  • Zoom In & Out
  • Drag and Position Your Image
  • Choose PopSocket Background Color
  • Name Your Files
  • Download Your Files
  • Reset the Canvas 
  • Activate & Deactivate the Resizer Tool

You can also use Merch Wizards OrbitKit integration to sync your Merch By Amazon store up with: TeeSpring, Printful, RedBubble, CafePress, Spreadshirt, Society6, Designbyhumans, Fineartamerica, and more.

This will instantly help you to get more exposure, once again not relying on one single source for traffic. 

While the Merch by Amazon platform has come a very long ways over the last few years, there are still a terrible amount of inefficiencies that MerchWizard corrects.

You can get start using MerchWizard for FREE on our home page.

The nice thing about MerchWizard is that it isn’t a software that you have to go open a new tab for. It actually lives right on your Google Chrome toolbar as a plugin. 

Whether you are using a team of VA’s or you are manually doing these tasks yourself, MerchWizard will allow you to streamline bulk editing. We believe our tool is essential to growing your Merch By Amazon business. 

The Third Way To Professionalize Your Brand Is Through Urgency Campaigns

The number one way to get someone to buy now is by applying a little urgency. 

If someone sees a design that they like, but they know it will be up forever, then there is little to no reason to drop what they are doing and go buy the product. 

But if you put a hard limit on how many you will sell before the design comes down, you will see your fans (from your list) flocking to your store. 

Does this mean the design has to die forever? 

Nope. You can bring it back at someone point as a “resurrections campaign”, but just make sure that you do not bring it back too close to the time of release. This will kill your trust with your fans and ruin future campaigns that you want to apply urgency. 

The nice thing about MerchWizard is that you can turn products on and off across all your Merch platforms from a single location. 

This makes running urgency campaigns way easier. 

If you have not familiarized yourself with our tool yet, you can do so by clicking here. 

A Merch by Amazon business may seem like a good idea, but it’s not as easy as you think.

In order to grow your merch by amazon business with success and get the most from this opportunity, there are some key things that need to happen-starting with building a fan email list of people who already know what they want. As soon as you start getting traction on your account, streamline operations so orders can be processed faster. Run urgency campaigns when inventory is low or during seasonal changes for items that sell well around those times of the year. With these three things in place, your chance at running an effective merch by Amazon business increases exponentially! If any of these steps sound intimidating or if you have questions about how to implement them into your business, try MerchWizard today!



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