Batch Editor – Now with Find & Replace or Remove!

Merch Wizard’s exclusive Batch Editor is just the tool you need to keep your Merch by Amazon listings fresh, relevant, and generating royalties. Perform a basic or advanced search to refine your listing results, select all or some, and then click the “Batch Edit” button. Choose to update your Brand name across all selected products, or perform quick and effective price edits nearly instantly.

The best part is the Find & Replace, or Remove feature, which will search across all listing text fields to quickly replace or remove your desired keywords. It’s never been easier to remain compliant with new Merch by Amazon Content guidelines!

You can overwrite prices, or you can adjust them incrementally. Incremental prices changes are a powerful tool allowing you to apply your pricing strategy across a wide range of Merch by Amazon products. When you use Batch Editor to adjust prices, your product edit screens will be enhanced with indicators to show the previous price, so that you can confirm you are happy with the adjustment.
batch editor merch amazon listings
You can also click “Open Edit Tabs” without populating the Brand or Price fields, and you’ll then be able to quickly navigate through each products open edit screen tab, to make the changes you desire.