Batch Editor – Now with Find & Replace or Remove!

Merch Wizard’s exclusive Batch Editor is just the tool you need to keep your Merch by Amazon listings fresh, relevant, and generating royalties. Perform a basic or advanced search to refine your listing results, select all or some, and then click the “Batch Edit” button. Choose to update your Brand name across all selected products, […]

Work more efficiently with designers and VA’s

   Using Merch Wizard alongside your hired designers and VA’s will give you a central base where you can share information, craft ready to list product listings, analyze data to make decisions about future products, and so much more. Track which designers are generating the most income for you, by comparing royalties associated with each […]

OrbitKit Integration

   Blast your Merch by Amazon designs off into the World of POD with supreme ease and simplicity by utilizing the all new Merch Wizard Elite Tier integration of OrbitKit right from within the Merch Wizard Chrome browser extension you already know and love. Learn More About Our OrbitKit Integration Get Started Or Upgrade!

Automatic Sync to Airtable

With Automatic Sync, the days of needing to move through each page of Merch product listings to push them to Airtable are gone. Simply choose your auto sync options on the Merch Wizard settings page, push the button, and watch as your Merch listings are effortlessly pushed to your Airtable base, and existing listings are […]

Sync Updates Only Toggle

It’s easy to sync all of of your Merch by Amazon product listings to your Airtable base using Merch Wizard. From the “manage” page of your Merch by Amazon dashboard, you can choose to sync an entire page of listings… Or you can sync a product listing, individually. Syncing a product that is already in […]

Quick Keyboard Shortcuts

   Keyboard shortcuts make navigating between product listings screens, and activating the Merch Wizard browser extension in order to utilize your product data, a breeze. Check out the default keyboard shorts, and learn more about customizable Merch Wizard keyboard shortcuts in our Knowledge Base. Get Started Or Upgrade!

Listing Products from the New Listings Table

It’s easy and efficient to create new listing data in your Merch Wizard Starter Base’s New Listings Table. Enter in all of the relevant product information through Airtable. Once your listing information is present, you can simply select the New Listings Table as a source within the Merch Wizard Chrome Browser Extension, and you’ll be […]

Replicating an Existing Product to New Products & Markets

With the Merch Wizard browser extension, it’s easy to list your designs on new product types and marketplaces, almost instantly. Simply search for an existing product that contains a design that you’d like to list again. As you navigate through the product creation process, you can instantly populate fields pertaining to the product design just […]

Open Multiple Product Creation Tabs

From the Merch by Amazon manage page, you can simply enter a number and click “go”, to open as many blank product creation pages as you need. Get Started Or Upgrade!

Notifications via Slack Integration

With the built in, free Airtable to Slack integration, you can easily create a Slack workspace dedicated to tracking your Merch by Amazon products. For example, you can create a custom view to pull in only products that fit certain criteria, and then set up a Slack notification on that view, to let you know […]