10 easy things to do once you have Merch Wizard up and running

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  1. Search for any TOS violations (“order a size up for a looser fit” etc) – especially for words that are now banned specifically on youth fit types
  2. Update sales stats and see which are best selling listings. Get them up on other Print on Demand (PODs) and Sales channels
  3. Look for listings with reviews – go check out what they say and adjust your listing if appropriate
  4. Organise listings into niches so you can analyze which niches are selling well
  5. Sort listings by product type and price, filtering for ones that have sold. Probably increase the price on the low ones
  6. Create a view of products not yet uploaded to other POD platforms (top sold shirts) and go through and upload them
  7. Associate your PNGs to the listings so you never have to search for them again
  8. Find your best sellers and use the the one click translate to German feature to list them on Amazon.de quickly and efficiently. The same can be done for Amazon.co.uk but without the needs to translate
  9. Create views in Airtable for commonly used filters (UK shirts, Popsockets, T Shirts about to be removed, etc)
  10. Look for listings that have sold a lot in the past but haven’t sold in the last 30 days – investigate if it’s due to competition or some other reason.

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