Ok, you’re having a hard time getting up and running with Merch Wizard and Airtable — no worries, we’ll help you get this worked out! Most of the time, when a new user is experiencing difficulties, it’s one of these easy to correct problems. So just take a quick read through, check out each step, and let us know how it goes! If you’re still not able to get Merch Wizard working, don’t worry…we’ll figure it out :)1) Restart your Chrome browser. Everything is better after a restart. It’s like taking a nap, for your computer.

2) It’s possible you haven’t been through all the setup steps to get your initial setup configured. Click here to run through all the steps and make sure you didn’t miss any out. Please note, on February 12th, Airtable changed the process for new account that requires an extra step to generate your account API key. Previously this was done by default, now you have to click a button. Be sure to double check through the Quick Setup Guide, paying particular attention to Step 3.

3) Keep in mind that while you can change the name of the base, and ADD any tables or columns you’d like, you must not change the names of the tables and columns that come as part of the Merch Wizard Starter Base! So if you changed the table name “Listings” to “The Best T-Shirts Ever”, Merch Wizard is not going to work. Same if you decided to delete fields. So, if you did that, put it back how it was or download yourself a fresh copy of the base!