Do I need to upgrade my Base from v2.2+ to v4.0.1

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*** Please note, this is a voluntary step and it’s entirely your decision if you wish to upgrade or not. It will NOT affect your current Merch Wizard setup for the majority of our subscribers using Merch Wizard normally ***

If you signed up for Merch Wizard before we launched the new version 4 of our extension on Sunday 10th February 2019 then you will almost certainly be using the red coloured MerchWizard v2.2+ Starter Template.

We have updated this base to a new, more powerful Merch Wizard Starter Base with more fields and options to expand the extensive scope of the power of Merch Wizard v4.

At first glance, the only noticeable difference is the blue colour and the change of name.

Key changes at a glance:

  • New Niches Table to help you build up keywords for your niches so they can be auto populated for listing to other PODs
  • Improved DaysPendingRemoval formula to show negative days and allows numerical sorting
  • Behind the scenes ‘Spare’ Fields to give us freedom down the line to add more features without requiring another base modification

If you have made changes to your base that you do not wish to lose, or are not prepared to add again manually to a new base, then the manual upgrade path is the best option for you:

*** Click here to see the step-by-step guide for how to upgrade your base manually ***

Important Note

If you haven’t modified your original Merch Wizard template base by adding any of your own fields or tables, inserted tags or niches to your listings or used the Designs table at all, you can just click here and jump to step 4 to grab a brand new copy of the base, add it to Merch Wizard and sync all your listings afresh.

In other words, if the only data in your base has been put there by Merch Wizard, and you haven’t added ANYTHING yourself, then this automatic upgrade is the best upgrade path for you.

You can also start again with a new base if you have made any changes to your base, but don’t mind losing them or adding them again after updating to the new Starter Base.

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