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If you need to reach out to us via our support ticketing system, there may be times when we ask you to provide further information, screen shots or record videos to show us the problem in real-time. This article explains the easiest ways to get these snippets and send them to us, so we can better help get you sorted.

When requiring help, please first check out the solutions in our knowledge base article and do a quick search to make sure your answer hasn’t already been covered. Click here to view the knowledge base

If you can’t find the solution there, then click to create a new ticket and please provide us with a full screen shot of your Merch Wizard settings page and a partial screen shot of your Merch by Amazon manage page showing the header and the Wizard Dashboard. There’s no need to send us anything that shows your Merch listings unless the problem relates specifically to the buttons alongside your listings, in which case, please include a few of your listings as well. Rest assured, your information remain strictly confidential and is NEVER shared outside of the Merch Wizard team.

How to create a screenshot


This article is a complete breakdown of all the options available to mac users that are running the Mojave version of macOS, in short though just hit Command + Shift + 4 and your cursor will change to a crosshair. Using the mouse, click and drag to select the area you wish to screen shot and release. The image will be saved automatically to your desktop by default.


The easiest, most accessible method to take a screenshot on your PC is to simply hold down the “Windows” Key while pressing the “Print Screen” key. Your screen will briefly flash to indicate the photo has been saved, and you’ll find it in your Pictures/Screenshots folder.

Alternatively, we recommend Lightshot, a free windows app that will allow you to easily create and annotate screenshots. You can learn more or download Lightshot here

What is the Merch Wizard Settings Page?

Open up the Merch Wizard Popup Browser Extension and look for the gear/cog in the top right-hand corner shown here with a red box:


And this is what your settings page looks like:



What is the Merch Wizard Dashboard in my Merch by Amazon Account? 

When you are logged into your Merch by Amazon account, click the ‘Manage’ tab as highlighted in red below and you should see the Merch Wizard Dashboard. Don’t worry if you don’t, still screen shot the part of the page as shown for us, including the dark grey header where the Merch by Amazon logo is.

How to create a screen recording


This article is a complete article showing all the options available to mac users that are running the Mojave version of macOS, in short though just hit Command + Shift + 5, move/resize the window over the area you wish to record and hit ‘Record’. When you’re done, just hit the circle with a square in it in the top menu bar, the video will be saved automatically to your desktop.


If you want an easy-to-use screen recorder software, you can try the free Screencast O Matic software, you just need to make sure you follow the prompts and on-screen instructions to get it up and running.

How to open the developer console and inspect element

We have recorded a quick video to show you how to inspect the page using the developer console which you can view here:

Opening the Developer Console

Don’t forget, if you get stuck just click to create a new ticket and get in touch 🙂







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