How to set up Google Translate for Merch Wizard to get 500,000 characters translated free monthly

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Setting up Google Translate will allow you to translate up to 500,000 characters per month for FREE perpetually, using Merch Wizards translate buttons and Marketplace Migrator. Setup is super easy, and will only take a minute. Keep in mind that you’ll need a valid payment method to get started.

Follow the step by step instructions below, or follow along with this complete setup video:

Step by Step Instructions

1. To get started, go here and click “Try it for Free”.

2. If you have multiple google accounts, you can select which to associate your new cloud account with.

3. Next, create a new payment profile. This is for translations that exceed the 500,000 characters per month you are alloted for free. You can monitor use within the google cloud dashboard.

4. Once you have completed that setup, you’ll be redirected to the Google Cloud console. From the top left hamburger menu, hover over “API’s & Services” and click “Dashboard”.

5. Click “Enable API’s AND Services”.

6. Look for the tile that says “Cloud Translation API” as shown, and click it. If you don’t see it, you can use the search function at the top of the page to look for it.

7. Click the button to enable the Cloud Translation API.

8. You will now be prompted to link a billing profile to this project. Click “Enable Billing”.

9. Then select the billing profile you created earlier, and click “Set Account”.

10. From the console, from the hamburger menu on the top left, hover over “API’s & Services” and then click “Credentials”.

11. Click “+ Create Credentials” and then choose “API key” from the dropdown.

12. On the modal that pops up, click the green “Add Key to Merch Wizard” button.

13. You can confirm that the keys have been properly added by click the Wizard icon in your browser toolbar to open the Merch Wizard pop up app, click the gear icon to enter the settings, and navigate down the screen to the “Translate Options”. You should see that Google is now selected in the dropdown, and you keys are present in their respective fields.

14. That’s it, you’re all set!

Please note: the API key you’ve created has access to all the Google APIs by default so as usual … please don’t share your key with anyone. If you would like to, you can restrict the API Key to just being used for the Translate API by opening the below link in your dashboard:

Click here to view Amazon Translate setup instructions. You can setup both services to get even more free translations each month: How to set up Amazon Translate for Merch Wizard to get 2 million characters translated free monthly

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