Multi-Base Quick Switcher

Using the Multi-Base quick switcher drop down in your Merch Wizard browser extension, or, from your Merch by Amazon manage page, you can easily switch between active Airtable bases. You’ll be able to sync, manage, and access listing data to and from a base by selecting it in this field. This feature is extra helpful […]

List New Products

Listing new products with Merch Wizard is fast and easy. Whether you are listing a single product, or many at one time, Merch Wizard has the Merch by Amazon tools you need to do it more efficiently. Replicating an Existing Product to New Product Types & Marketplaces Listing Using the New Listings Table Listing Using […]

Advanced Search & Filters

You can toggle the advanced search feature to drill down even deeper and search within various product record fields like brand, title and bullets, even price, fit type, niche and tags. The advanced search also adds powerful tools to help you analyze your product listing data — like whether a product has ever sold, a […]

Sync Sales Statistics to Airtable

When you click the Sync Sales Statistics button, you will trigger Merch Wizard to sync your latest Merch by Amazon sales statistics across your entire Merch account, for all product listings that are present in your base. Unlike pushing listings to Airtable or relisting removed listings, the Sync Sales Statistics button will pull in information […]

Listing Scaler for Creating Variable Product Data

Using the Scaler Table, which has been included as part of the Merch Wizard starter template, you can easily modify sample Airtable formulas to create scaled series of products, based on variable listings data. In your Airtable base, click the Scaler table. If you click to “customize field type” on any of the formula fields, […]

List Products on Other POD Platforms

Merch Wizard makes listing your products on other PODs seamless. Just open a listing page on any site where you need to fill in product data, and use the Merch Wizard browser app to easily copy and paste each piece of product information in the new listing, using the copy icons adjacent to each field […]

Basic Search & Filters

Using the basic search features, you can search each listings table in your base for products by keyword, while also filtering by product type and marketplace. Get Started Or Upgrade!

Sync Full Resolution Design Files Automatically

Using Merch Wizard tools, you can automatically sync your full resolution PNG design files in bulk directly from your Merch by Amazon account to your Airtable base, accessible through the Merch Wizard browser extension. To enable the automatic syncing of PNG files whenever you push product listings to Airtable, enter the Merch Wizard options panel, […]

Airtable Views to Sort, Filter & Group Products

Using the powerful, built in functionality of Airtable, you can look at your Merch by Amazon data in entirely new ways and create actionable views that will help you to edit, maintain, and monitor your product listings. You can use views to create lists of products that meet certain certain criteria, for example only standard […]

Link Listing & Design Files

Using the “Designs” table which is part of the Merch Wizard Starter Base, you can create a record that will essentially serve as a hub for each design, connecting it with its various corresponding product listing records. Simply create a design record, and then use the listings field to search for, and attach Merch by […]