Listing Scaler for Creating Variable Product Data

Using the Scaler Table, which has been included as part of the Merch Wizard starter template, you can easily modify sample Airtable formulas to create scaled series of products, based on variable listings data.

In your Airtable base, click the Scaler table. If you click to “customize field type” on any of the formula fields, you will find a formula that includes both sample product data, as well as variables. You can modifiy these fields to suit your designs. Each variable will have a corresponding field in the table, where you can enter in the information that should be populated for each listing. You can rename variables and their coresponding fields, or even create new variable fields.

Once you are happy with your newly scaled listing data, you can easily access the Scaler table from the source dropdown menu, in the Merch Wizard browser extension, to quickly list those new products.