How to Sync PNGs to Your Merch Wizard Base(s)

FIRST MAKE SURE THAT SEND PNG IS ENABLED! Open the Merch Wizard App. Click the Options Cog Button on the right side of the app Scroll down to the General Options section Click on General Options to open the options panel Make sure that the checkbox to the right of Automatically push full size PNGs […]

Tweak your Prices Straight from the Manage page

You can now tweak your prices straight from the Manage page using simple controls to increase/decrease your prices by a dollar or a cent. Merch Wizard will even show you the price each listing was and what you’re updating it to¬†ūüôā Article coming soon, but in the meantime please check out our¬†tutorial video¬†on this topic!

Fast Syncing In Incognito Mode

How to Sync your Listings Even Faster Using incognito Mode Article coming soon, but in the meantime please check out our video tutorial on this topic!