What happens when I delete a design from OrbitKit?

If you delete a design from within your OrbitKit account, Merch Wizard will still think it is there as it sets a marker when pushing the design over which OrbitKit isn’t aware of. The good news is, once you remove the design from OrbitKit AND clear this marker set by Merch Wizard, then you can […]


You can sort your search results by Brand / Title / Price / Marketplace just by clicking on the column header Here’s a quick video demonstrating this functionality.

Batch Edit Prices and/or Brand Names

Introducing the ability to batch edit your Merch listings. You can: ✅ Consolidate your brands ✅ Blanket update your prices ✅ Adjust your prices incrementally (increase/decrease by whatever you decide) Article coming soon but in the meantime check out our tutorial video!

Dropbox Cloud Storage

Dropbox Cloud Storage is an Elite tier feature so if you’re not yet an Elite tier subscriber you’ll want to upgrade to use it. Instead of pushing your PNGs to Airtable, you can utilize Dropbox storage (great news if you’re already a Dropbox customer) and push/backup all your Merch PNGs to your own Dropbox in a nice […]

Merch By Amazon Design Tips: Improve Your Selling Potential

Merch by Amazon is one of the fastest growing print on demand platforms in the world, and I know you’re itching to get your designs on there. Merch by Amazon has been around for a few years now, so it’s time that we all learned how to make our Merch by Amazon products stand out […]

How to streamline your Amazon by Merch business

How to streamline your Amazon by Merch business In this article, we will discuss 3 main ways we are helping Merch By Amazon Sellers to grow their business and sell more merch. As a Merch Seller, things can start simple but quickly get complicated. Managing hundreds of products and designs, as well as making sure […]

Relister Function Video

Here is the tutorial video for the Relister & Reactivate features. Duration 6:25 Relist to New This works exactly the same as the older Relister did with single listings before the multi-uploader came from Merch. For this, if the listing for that product is found in your active base then you are able to create a completely […]