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So you have got some great designs on Merch by Amazon but now you need more eyeballs to help you sell your product. In this article we will discuss how to rank your products on Merch By Amazon.

Understand the competition – this can be done by surveying your competitors, checking out their product listings and identifying which keywords they are targeting. The important thing is to find a niche or subcategory where there isn’t much competition for you. You want to go after some of those low hanging fruit first before you tackle bigger fish like Harry Potter merch or something more competitive

Find niches in Merch by Amazon that have less than 50 designs listed – if there are only 49 shirts then it’s not too difficult to rank high because no one else has targeted them yet but once they get up over 100+, things start getting tougher. This strategy will help you grow with lesser competition as well and gives you time to expand into other popular categories.

Next you need to understand how your description affects your rank.

The description is the first thing people see and it’s their impression of your merch so you can’t just spam keywords in there. You need to be descriptive for them, but also use some high ranking phrases as well as a few low competition ones.

Some phrases you should use in your description are “limited edition” and “product will not be reproduced”. These phrases have high competition but they also have a higher ranking. You can even put the phrase for sale on amazon at the end of your description which is targeting people who look at other merch that’s for sale too.

Another strategy to rank well with less competition is using keywords in their title like ‘best seller’ or ‘highly demanded’. It might seem obvious, but no one else has usually targeted these words so it makes sense why they’ll get ranked faster!

So it all boils down to research. Know what you’re up against so that when you craft your title and description, it’ll rank higher.

Merch by amazon is a t shirt creating platform where anyone can upload shirts to sell on their own store or as part of someone else’s merch island. They are created using an online editor which makes designing fun and easy for all levels! But also increases the difficulty of ranking.

Why should I use keywords in my descriptions?

Using keywords in your descriptions will help you rank better and give customers a reason to buy.

What are the best merch by amazon titles? Keep it simple and sell what people want! If you have good competition, use words like ‘best seller’ or ‘highly demanded’.

Lastly, when designing shirts – remember that they are on mobile devices more often than not these days which means less white space around images and text. That makes it easier for customers to read over what they’re buying which will affect where you rank higher or lower based on copy length

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