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Are you looking to sell more Merch on Amazon? If so, this article will help you maximize your Merch by Amazon sales. We’ll go over some tips and discuss what metrics are important for evaluating Merch success.

In the past, Merch by Amazon was a way for artists to quickly and easily create T-shirts to sell on the Amazon marketplaces. Nowadays, it’s possible for anyone to use this service as long as you have a registered account on the Merch platform. It’s important to note that all items will be printed and fulfilled via Amazon themselves so there is no need to purchase inventory upfront.

The best way to maximize Merch by Amazon sales is with a little preparation beforehand. If you know when your product will be in high demand, create new listings for these events beforehand or update old ones accordingly. You can also do this within Merch Wizard! Keep an eye on how much you’re selling each month – this will help you decide what niches and products are worth spending more time on. If you’ve found a niche that you’re making regular sales in, then it’s worth doubling down within that niche and creating more designs for that audience. Also, if you’ve only created t-shirts at this point then it’s worth expanding your designs out to the other product types that are available. Perhaps, that t-shirt design might work well on hoodies, mobile phone cases, popsockets or throw pillows!

Additionally, you’ll want to stay on top of trends. Looking at your past sellers through Merch Wizard will help you find popular demand for your past designs. Make sure you create more of the same trend and launch them in enough time to capitalize on the trend next time round. If you had a successful t-shirt last time round, then you can utilize Merch Wizard’s on page Resizer tool to quickly and easily expand this out to the other available product types.

Don’t forget to try and group your products under an appropriate brand name for their particular niche. When a customer clicks the brand name, they’ll see all the products available for that brand so remember to be consistent in your brand naming so you can maximize the cross-selling between all the deigns and the products in that niche.

After you’ve done all of this, remember to post on social media and promote your products so people know about them! We hope these tips helped and good luck maximizing those sales!

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