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It can be difficult to create Merch by Amazon designs that will sell. After all, it is hard enough to make a design that you love without having the pressure of making one that people want to buy. The good news is, there are ways for you to optimize your Merch by Amazon designs. In this blog post, we will discuss how best to go about designing Merch by Amazon apparel so they sell like hotcakes.

The first thing is to make sure your design fits the Merch by Amazon apparel. You want people to be able to see it and understand what it says without having to read every detail in order for them to do so. A good rule of thumb is that you have about six words on a standard sized Merch by Amazon t-shirt/hoodie or one before they start getting too small. If you are using an image, try not to use any more than three words within your design.

When designing Merch by Amazon apparel, avoid text bubbles. They may seem like fun at first but their complexity makes reading them difficult and can reduce sales because of this difficulty. Instead, opt for simple iconography or symbols that represent the words. These can be easier on the eyes and provide a quick visual that is easy for most people to read.

Always try to utilize space as much as possible in your design. You want your apparel to have plenty of room so they are not crowded or looking cluttered with too many different things going on at once. For T-shirts, you’ll want to vertically position your design so it’s higher than center so it looks more natural on the final product. With Hoodies, you’ll want to have the design vertically aligned with the center so you can maximize your design space.

It’s important to remember that not all designs will sell equally well on the site, so experimentation is key. If your designs aren’t selling, try again with a new design because it can take time before your shirt gets seen by your target audience. So, keep trying until you find something that catches their eye even if it takes some time.

Do not stop after just submitting one or two designs for print. This strategy has proven to work very well in many cases. Some creators end up creating multiple versions of a single product which result in greater sales volume overall over time because different designs appeal to different people. Having just one design may sell with some but can close the door on other buyers.

Figure out what phrases your target audience would use if they were looking for apparel like yours and put them into the title, bullet points and description field of your listings to increase visibility from shoppers who aren’t already familiar with your brand. 

Even though designing shirts may seem like just one step on a very long process, this shouldn’t be underestimated either. The design is ultimately what will sell, so make sure you’re optimizing and improving your designs to scale your sales.

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