Beyond the 5-star Review: Strategies for Increasing Exposure on Amazon

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Every Amazon store owner is familiar with the 5-star review. These reviews are important to the success of any product on Amazon, but there are other ways to increase your exposure. Exposure can be done through many avenues, including organic search results and sponsored ads. In this blog post, we will explore these two methods in detail so that you can find out more about how they work and make an informed decision for yourself!

The main traffic source on Amazon is the organic search. This happens when people search for keywords that relate to your product and find it on Amazon. There are some steps you can follow in order to optimize your SEO ranking so that more of those searches turn up with links to your products. If you would like to have this happen on Amazon, then it is important that you include the keywords for your product in:

– The brand – come up with a consistent brand name that would resonate with your target niche audience.

– The title – this should include the keywords related to your niche but still be short and succint.

– Bullet points and description, where appropriate. These should also contain relevant keywords so when people search, they will find your Merch products. It’s important to note here that there are no meta tags or keywords like other platforms on Amazon. Instead, it’s best to get the relevant keywords into human readable sentences in the bullet points and description. Ensure you’re describing the design itself rather than the product as one single design will span multiple product types.

Another way to increase exposure is through sponsored ads. You do this by selecting a keyword you want to target, determining how much money you’re willing to spend on the ad, and then setting up an account with Amazon. This type of exposure will allow customers who have never seen your products before to find them when they search for keywords that are related but not necessarily relevant. 

In line with using sponsored ads, it’s also a good idea to share your Amazon storefront on social media. Sharing your Amazon storefront on social media is a great way to increase exposure because it allows you to reach more people in a shorter time span. For example, many brands are using their social media accounts as mini-shops where they can share and display all their products in one place. This is great because the followers of your account will be able to see what you have available on Amazon without having to search through different pages to find everything!

Now what if you don’t have a storefront? We suggest using Merch Wizard which is a great way to generate a storefront for your products and also helps you stay organized. This is a great video on how Merch Wizard can help you do this: 

So, it’s a lot to think about but we’re confident that you’ll be able to grow the exposure to your business and we hope you have great results!

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