The Importance Of Good Design

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Your Amazon listing is the first point of contact between your product and potential customers. That means that you need to make sure it’s good enough to stand out on its own, without any external promotion. The best way to do this? Design! When a potential customer visits your page, they should be able to tell what your product is just by looking at the product images and text. It doesn’t matter how great your content copywriting skills are if people can’t find it. So let’s go over the importance that design plays in your products selling successfully.

If you have ever bought from Amazon then you know that the first thing you see is a photo of the product.

This means that if your Merch listing doesn’t have good design, then your potential customer won’t be able to tell what it’s about or will leave without making any purchases at all! The main factors that make up a great design are:

– The colors used in your designs match well together.

– The artwork need to look professional so people build trust in your Merch brand.

– Text on the design needs to be clear and easy to read with no errors. You also want it spaced out enough for someone on mobile who might not have too much screen space available while scrolling down their phone.

We hope this article gave you some guidance on how you can create winning Merch designs!

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