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It’s all too easy to make a mistake when managing an inventory of Merch by Amazon ASINs. We’re going to discuss what an ASIN is, where they come from, as well as how to track your product with sales data analytics tools like Merch Wizard.

If you’re new to Merch by Amazon you may not be familiar with an ASIN. An ASIN is just a unique code that Amazon creates for each Merch product on sale.

When it comes to managing and keeping track of the listings you’ll probably have many different products in which case creating a spreadsheet will be a manual and error-prone process. Instead of trying to maintain your own spreadsheet, you can use Merch Wizard to organize your Merch portfolio!

Merch Wizard is an app that allows you to find all of your product data in one place without having to do all of the manual labor of digging deep into numerous spreadsheets of data. It’s got a great search engine that allows you to search your products by using keywords, tags, or amount of review stars amongst other filters. It’s a great way to see which of your products are selling well. Not only does it allow you to keep track of your inventory but also edit your products or even relist your products with their Quick Product Relister tool. You can learn more about Merch Wizard and its many benefits here: Merch Wizard – Merch By Amazon Tools & App to Organize & Manage

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