Work more efficiently with designers and VA’s

   Using Merch Wizard alongside your hired designers and VA’s will give you a central base where you can share information, craft ready to list product listings, analyze data to make decisions about future products, and so much more. Track which designers are generating the most income for you, by comparing royalties associated with each […]

Open Multiple Product Creation Tabs

From the Merch by Amazon manage page, you can simply enter a number and click “go”, to open as many blank product creation pages as you need. Get Started Or Upgrade!

Notifications via Slack Integration

With the built in, free Airtable to Slack integration, you can easily create a Slack workspace dedicated to tracking your Merch by Amazon products. For example, you can create a custom view to pull in only products that fit certain criteria, and then set up a Slack notification on that view, to let you know […]

Mobile Data Access

Merch Wizard and Airtable give you easy, on the go access to all of your product listing data and design files. Just download the Airtable app, and you’ll have all of your listing information easily accessible from your mobile device. You can also use the mobile apps to prepare new listings on the go, and […]

View Customer Review Information

When you push your product listings from Merch by Amazon to Airtable using Merch Wizard, customer review statistics are included and stored within each record. You can create custom views to easily monitor for new reviews, and take action accordingly. Get Started Or Upgrade!

Merch Wizard Listing Navigator

Once you have selected a product from your search results in the Merch Wizard Chrome Extension, you can view all product listing data, edit the product on Merch by Amazon, view the product page, access the PNG design file, and more. Starter tier and above can easily activate this window to automatically populate new Merch […]

Sort Product Listings

When you perform a search using the Merch Wizard browser app, it’s easy to sort your search results by brand, title, price, or market. Just click the arrow in the column heading to choose a sort direction. This is especially helpful when generating stores. Get Started Or Upgrade!

Listing Scaler for Creating Variable Product Data

Using the Scaler Table, which has been included as part of the Merch Wizard starter template, you can easily modify sample Airtable formulas to create scaled series of products, based on variable listings data. In your Airtable base, click the Scaler table. If you click to “customize field type” on any of the formula fields, […]

List Products on Other POD Platforms

Merch Wizard makes listing your products on other PODs seamless. Just open a listing page on any site where you need to fill in product data, and use the Merch Wizard browser app to easily copy and paste each piece of product information in the new listing, using the copy icons adjacent to each field […]

Basic Search & Filters

Using the basic search features, you can search each listings table in your base for products by keyword, while also filtering by product type and marketplace. Get Started Or Upgrade!