Sync Product Listing Data to Airtable

It’s easy to sync all of of your Merch by Amazon product listings to your Airtable base using Merch Wizard.
From the “manage” page of your Merch by Amazon dashboard, you can choose to sync an entire page of listings… Or you can sync a product listing, individually. Syncing a product that is already in your base will never create a duplicate listing, it will simply update the record with any new information. Before a record has been synced to Airtable for the first time, you’ll notice that the button next to it is red and reads “Add to Airtable.” Once a record is present in your base however, the button will be green and read, “Update Airtable.” Using the manage page interface, choose how many “results per page,” to control how many product listings will be pushed to Airtable– 15, 25, 50 or 100. Most users can comfortably sync 100 listings at a time. If you find your internet connection or computer to be sluggish, you may want to start with a smaller number, and find what works comfortably for you. Please note, only “live” product listings can be synced to Airtable.