5. Final Steps & Getting Help

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Please make sure you have performed the previous four steps before attempting this walkthrough, otherwise you will have problems:

  1. Backup your Base
  2. Adding the Niches Table
  3. Edit the Listings Table
  4. Edit the Designs Table

After you have completed the previous four steps and brought your base up to date inline with v4.0.1, you might want to make it look the same by updating the name and colour to match. Here’s how, just click outside of the popup window to save & close:

Congratulations, You’re All Set!

If you struggled with any of the steps in this walkthrough, found a bug or an error, didn’t understand how to do a particular step or feel completely lost and out of your depth, don’t worry. We’re here to help and look after you, just click here to create a support ticket explaining your issue and we’ll get back in touch with the next steps for you as soon as possible.

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