What is the best way to push my listings from Merch to Airtable?

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  • Single Push
  • Filter Live Only (as that’s all it can push)
  • Search to Narrow Down
  • Batch Push
  • Show 15/25/50/100 at a time options

Recommend NOT to use 100 and that the max should ideally be only 50, as sometimes multiple pages of 100 at a time can trigger a robot check

On the Merch Manage page, by default 15 listings are displayed, if you click push all listings to Airtable, this will push all the live listings visible on that page.
You can filter the view on the Merch page to show Live listings only, and increase the number of listings displayed to either 15/25/50/100. We suggest starting with a full page of 15, then stepping up through the amounts making sure your computer and internet are fast enough to handle the operation. You’ll know if there is an issue as you may start getting tabs that don’t close properly. This is a browser time-out, and clicking any one of these tabs can kick the whole process back into life and usually, the rest continue their task and close out. The option that doesn’t leave any open tabs, is the best one for your setup.I personally use 25/50 mostly and only use the 100 at-a-time option once a month to resync all my listings. Sometimes, pushing lots of pages of 100 listings at a time can get a Robot Check from Amazon, so I leave this alone unless re-syncing my entire portfolio.

Don’t forget to push for ALL marketplaces too.

For timings, the speed depends entirely on your setup, with a high-end iMac on a cabled internet, I can push 100 in 37 seconds. But i would say typical setups with a reasonable computer and internet should do 50 in less than a few minutes.

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