ADVANCED: Expand the functionality of your Designs table if you have it linked with your Listings table in AirTable

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Extend the functionality of your designs table by showing Cost & ROI data and roll-up reviews and sold data for a design listed on multiple products & marketplaces ->

Check out this video for advanced AirTable users and learn how you can add further useful fields in your Designs table if it’s linked with your Listings table. For example you can:

  • Add a field to enter the initial cost of a design
  • Perform a rollup function on your Royalties to see which design is making you the most money
  • Add a quick ROI auto-calculated formula
  • Add a simple DateCreated field, and auto-calculate how many days the design has been live so that you can find out how much that design is making you on average per day
  • See the total number of reviews for an individual design across all products and marketplace listings and see your average rating for any given design
  • See how many times your design has sold across all marketplaces and product types
  • Find out which product types and marketplaces you already have your design listed on, so you can see on which products and marketplaces you can add it to with the help of Merch Wizard
  • Use these skills to add even more functionality to your MerchWizard Air Table base using the important link between your Designs and Listings tables

If you don’t yet have your Designs linked to your Listings, watch this video to find out how to do it and why you should.

Full article coming soon, but in the meantime please watch our video on these topics!

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