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With the release of the Merch Wizard Starter Base (version 4) came some really helpful additional fields to get you generating keywords for your listings and/or designs really quickly.

There is a nice video in our Facebook group showing how to use these new fields but let’s break down your options here in more detail, so you can decide the best way to use it for your setup.

The Merch Wizard team always strives to align with the most commonly used workflows of all our users, and therefore build options into the extension so you can still work how you want to, not how Merch Wizard wants you to. For this reason, there are often multiple ways to do something, which occasionally may cause some confusion.

Let’s look at the Niches tables and its fields and what they are doing, why and when you want to use them:

Niches Table

Working our way from left to right, these are the fields in the Niches table:

  • Niche – This is where you enter the name or title of your niche
  • NicheKW – This is where you enter your keyword, keywords or keyword phrases, comma separated
  • ParentNiche – If your niche falls under a broader ‘parent’ niche, then you can add one here, but you don’t have to. See the example below for how we add ‘Dog’ first as a niche, then add it as a ‘ParentNiche’ to some dog breed niches
  • ParentNicheKW – These will be populated automatically (via a hard-coded Lookup function) if you add a ‘ParentNiche’ and you have added some keywords to it in the ‘NicheKW’ field for the ‘Niche’ you are inserting as a parent
  • NicheKeywords – This is a formula field which is automatically populated according to the values you entered in the previous fields. Whatever keywords are in this field will be passed over (linked) to your Listings and Designs tables automatically whenever you add this Niche to a record
  • Listings – This is an automatic field created to show the link back to the records in the Listings table which have been associated with this particular niche
  • Designs – This is an automatic field created to show the link back to the records in the Designs table which have been associated with this particular niche. If you don’t use the Designs table at all, this will likely be pretty empty

Let’s create a new niche for Dogs

  • Click in the next empty record (or click to create a new empty record) and enter ‘Dog’ in the first field called Niche
  • If you look in the NicheKeywords field, you’ll see, this niche name automatically gets added as your first keyword for the Dog niche.
  • Now, let’s add some more keywords related to the Dog niche. Notice as the keywords are added to the NicheKW field, they are automatically inserted into the NicheKeywords field after the first keyword of ‘Dog’. You need to enter your keyword, keywords or keyword phrases separated by commas as shown

  • Now let’s add two dog breeds to create separate niches for ‘Poodle’ and ‘Greyhound’ with some keywords specific to these breeds only

  • Now we can add the ParentNiche ‘Dog’ to these two dog breed niches, to merge the keywords from the Dog niche with the Poodle & Greyhound niches as shown. So now you will notice, the NicheKeywords field now contains both the Dog niche keywords and the Poodle & Greyhound breed keywords. You can only add one ParentNiche. Please also note, that it is assumed the specific niche keywords are more important than the ParentNiche keywords, so the ParentNiche keywords are added at the end. This keeps the most important keywords at the front of your NicheKeywords.

                      *** Click to see how to use these in your Listings Table ***

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