Airtable Base Jargon – Basic

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Here are a few terms (with spreadsheet equivalent naming conventions) to help you understand words and terms used by us in the Facebook GroupFacebook Page or indeed through support and when visiting the Airtable Site directly.

Base – This is Airtable’s word for their database, it’s where all your listings and designs will live together

Field – In spreadsheet terms, you may know this as a column, where your data is stored

Field Name – Column name

Field Type – Each field can be assigned a data type depending on what kind of data will be stored in it. An attachment field stores attachments and a Date field type stores Date

Record – In spreadsheets this is a row. Every one of your Listings or Designs will be stored in its own record (or row)

View – This is how you define unique, customised views for displaying your data how you want it. You can also create different views if you work with Virtual Assistants. Currently the options are Grid (the spreadsheet style view you will likely be using already), FormCalendarGallery & Kanban

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