Airtable is combination of a spreadsheet (like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers) with a database. It looks like a spreadsheet, and doesn’t have all the same functionality as a spreadsheet but has an amazing set of incredibly powerful features that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.Visit Airtable for more information about Airtable, from Airtable. For a great 2 minute summary, watch the video at the top of this page

Key Features of Airtable:

  • Store File Attachments –  For every record this is great for keeping your designs in one place together with your listing and sales data
  • Linking Tables – You can have a design record which links to an infinite number of product listings
  • Create Custom Views For Each User – For multi-user base access, each person can view your data how they want to see it. Great when working with virtual assistants (VAs)
  • In The Cloud – Online, anywhere, anytime, any device, large or small. You have access to your data at all times.
  • Single & Multi Select Field Types – Easily and quickly choose options from a fully customisable set of pre-defined choices.
  • Integrate with all your favourite apps.
  • It’s free for upto 1200 records. Visit the Airtable Pricing page