How can I avoid paying for Airtable?

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Get Friends to Sign Up

If you are in a lower Tier, then you are probably keen to save money wherever you can. Here are a few tips to help you keep your Airtable costs low or zero.

When you sign up and login to Airtable you get a unique referral code by clicking on the profile icon in the top right of your Airtable account page and clicking ‘Tell A Friend’

You receive $10 for every friend that signs up and verifies their email address. If 12 people sign up, that’s a years worth of free Airtable access of the Plus account. Visit the Referrals and credits (you need to be logged in for this page) to find out more.

Split Your Bases

All the Merch Wizard Tiers allow you to add multiple Airtable bases to the Extension. The Pro & Elite Tiers have a built in Quick Base Switcher for rapid switching between your bases. You can upgrade here

Either way, if you are on the Free Tier of Airtable and are near exceeding your allowance, then you can consider splitting your bases. This means you could have a base for each Marketplace, or perhaps you can have a base for each of your Niches. These are just a few ideas, of course you can split your base however you like, and have as many bases as you like. Here are the instructions for How to Use Multiple Airtable Bases

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