How to Use Multiple Airtable Bases

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Each free Airtable account comes with an unlimited amount of free bases!  Merch Wizard has made it simple to work with multiple bases!

The first thing to do is decide how you want to split up your bases.

The most popular option is to do so by marketplace. Other options include by product type, by niche, etc.

In this example, we will assume you wanted to break it up by Marketplaces.

  • The first step would be to copy the Merch Wizard Starter Base over 3 times (renaming each as you go to something indicating US/UK/DE in the title).
  • Then, for each base, open it and click on the HELP button in the upper right corner and choose “API documentation”

  • In the window that opens, click the button to “Add Base to Merch Wizard”

  • Repeat this process for all three bases.

There are 3 methods for changing your active base: 

1. To switch bases from within the app, just open it and you’ll see the active base listed (Base Quickswitcher available in Pro and Elite Tiers only):

Clicking on Merch Wizard US base will open the below dropdown menu where you can choose any other base.

2. If you want to switch the base on the Manage page in your Merch Dashboard, it will look something like this (Base Quickswitcher available in Pro and Elite Tiers only):

Then you would just click on the Active Base and choose the desired one from the dropdown menu.

3. Changing the Active Base from with the Options Page in the App (For all tiers, including FREE & STARTER):

Open the Merch Wizard App. Click on the Options button (looks like a cog and is on the far right near the top)

Scroll Down to the Section entitled Base Keys and click blue “Set as Active Base” button to change your base:

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