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Setting up Deepl will allow you to translate listing information using Merch Wizards translate buttons and Marketplace Migrator. Setup is super easy, and will only take a minute. Keep in mind that Deepl is a 3rd party premium service that requires a separate subscription.

Follow the step by step instructions below, or follow along with this complete setup video:

Step by Step Instructions

1. To get started, go here: be sure you are on the “For Developers” tab, and click “Buy Now” on the Deepl API plan.

2. Create a new Deepl Account

3. Set the maximum amount you would like to spend monthly on translations, by setting a cap on characters.

4. Once your account setup is complete, click “Account Management”.

5. On your account page you see your API key and then you can either copy/paste this to your Merch Wizard’s settings or simply click the “Add API key to Merch Wizard” button for Merch Wizard to automatically import your API key and set your Translation Provider to Deepl.

Alternative Translation Providers

Click here to view Amazon Translate setup instructions: How to set up Amazon Translate for Merch Wizard to get 2 million characters translated free monthly

Click here to view Google Translate setup instructions: How to set up Google Translate for Merch Wizard to get 500,000 characters translated free monthly

You can setup these additional translation services to access free translations each month.

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