Update the Days Pending Removal Formula

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If you signed up to Merch Wizard and downloaded the Merch Wizard Airtable Starter Base after June 11th 2019, the Starter Base is already up-to-date with this change so no need to read any further 🙂

For our existing users that are using a Starter Base from before June 11th, then you may amend this single formula to update your base in-line with the Amazon change to the 180 days until your designs drop off rule. Which was increased to 365 days on June 4th 2019.

This is an easy update, just copy the green code below and replace the code that’s already there in the DaysPendingRemoval field in your Listings table:


If you need some instructions, then here you have it…

  • Triple click anywhere on the green code above to select it all, or click and drag around it so it’s all selected and then copy it. Copy with Ctrl + C (PC), Command + C (Mac) or Right-click the mouse and select Copy
  • Go to your Listings table in your base and scroll to the far-right hand side looking for the field named ‘DaysPendingRemoval’ – see demo below
  • Double-click in the Field name (row header if familiar with spreadsheet terminology) to open up the settings for that field
  • Select everything in the Formula field and erase it
  • Paste in the code you copied from above and hit save (Ctrl + V, Command +V, Right-Click Paste)

That’s it!

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