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Currently we are aware of these Chrome Extensions that cause issues or conflicts with Merch Wizard. These affect the proper function and performance of Merch Wizard and it’s advised to disable these when using the extension if you encounter any functional or performance issues.

  • Merch Colors
  • Merch Dashboard 2.0
  • Productor
  • Ublock Origin – This slows down the opening and function of the app considerably. Please add Airtable,,,, & to your whitelist in the settings
  • Some popup blockers cause issues too, so if you are having issues, trying disabling these temporarily until you identify the problem blocker
  • AVG Anti-Virus for Mac users can cause issues with the Multi Product Creator opening multiple new tabs when saving full-sized PNG files to the Designs Table

Merch Wizard is currently only supported on Mac & PC running windows.

Linux isn’t currently supported.

Chromebooks aren’t supported officially but we have some users reporting they work fine. A Pixelbook user has said it works perfectly for them, though we can’t support this hardware directly as we don’t have any amongst the Wizard Team. We’re happy to do what we can to help though, so please reach out if you get stuck.

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