How do I use Merch Wizard in Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode?

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If pushing lots of listings by using the ‘Push Listings To Airtable’ button, it’s recommend to do this in Incognito Mode as it will be much faster. This is especially helpful if you have a slow internet connection, an older computer or for troubleshooting potential issues with other extensions conflicting with Merch Wizard .

We made a video for you to watch, or you can follow the steps below:

The first time you do this you will need to give Merch Wizard permission to run in Incognito Mode:

1. Right click the Merch Wizard Extension in your Chrome browser to ‘Manage Extensions’

2. Ensure ‘Allow in Incognito’ is enable

3. Now open up Incognito mode by right-clicking the Chrome icon and selecting ‘New Incognito Window’

4. Now go to the ‘Manage’ page on your Merch by Amazon account dashboard

5. Filter your Product Listings to ‘Live’


6. Display as many listings as your computer and internet are comfortable with. It’s best to try this incrementally, so start by pushing 15 first, then increase through the options.


7. If you get some tabs that aren’t closing, there are usually two reasons for this.

The first is just a browser time-out protection and clicking one of the tabs is usually enough to reactivate the sync and everything should kick into life again and the rest of the tabs should close.

The second, could be because there is an error on one of your product pages. If you are receiving this error, please refer to this article.

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