Upgrading your base to cater for Tote Bags & Throw Pillows PNG Files

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If your base was copied from the Merch Wizard starter template prior to August 4th, 2020 you’ll need to add 2 new fields to your Designs table so that Merch Wizard can populate them with your Throw Pillow and Tote Bag PNG files.

If you are using a cloud storage integration to store your PNG files, you will need to add 2 additional fields (4 fields total) in order to populate cloud storage links.

When you open your active Airtable base from Merch Wizard, you will be presented with a checklist to help you easily copy each field name, and reference the appropriate field type. Simply click the blue Clipboard icon to copy the text next to it.

If you sync PNG files to Airtable:

You will need to add two New ATTACHMENT fields:

    • MerchThrowpillow
    • MerchToteBag


    1. Open your active Airtable base. You can repeat these steps with all of your other Merch Wizard bases as needed.
    2. Open your Designs table within your Airtable base.
    3. Look for the top row of your base, where you can see all of the field titles that need to be added.
    4. Copy the title of the first field, MerchThrowpillow.
    5. Right click the MerchPopsocket field and click “Insert Right”. (If you are comfortable and prefer, you can in fact right click any field, and insert these new fields wherever you’d like.)
    6. Paste the title, MerchThrowpillow as the field title, and select “Attachment” as the field type. Click save.

    7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for the second field, MerchToteBag.

That’s it, you’re done! Get back to happily Merching and making all of your pillow and tote bag case dreams come true!

If you sync PNG files using a cloud storage integration, such as DropBox: 

In addition to the attachment fields above, these are the two new URL fields you will be adding:

    • MerchThrowpillowCloudStorageLink
    • MerchToteBagCloudStorageLink

    8. Simply repeat steps 5 & 6 for each of the above named cloud storage link fields, but instead of attachment field type, you will select URL field type.

Finally, we’ve now added some options in Merch Wizard’s settings page to choose which product’s PNGs you want to push to your Airtable’s Design table in case you only want to push certain ones. By default, all the product types are checked so all of them will be pushed up to your base:

That’s all for now …. happy Merching!

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