Troubleshooting Google Translate Marketplace Migrator Issues

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Troubleshooting Google Translate Marketplace Migrator Issues 
Firstly, please check that your Google Translate account is still active as your free trial may have ended, sometimes you need upgrade to a paid cloud account. You still get a 500,000 character free allowance each month but you just need to add a payment method in case you go over the free allowance:
After that, please check:
1) Is the Cloud Translation API still enabled on your Google console?
2) Do you have a payment profile setup?
3) Can you check if you’ve gone over the free tier usage for the month?
4) Finally, you need to have the toggle set to “Translate Text” and the relevant checkboxes ticked for both the target marketplaces and fields to translate:
5) Ensure that you have an active API key in the Translate section of Merch Wizard
If you’re still having issues with translate then you can either use one of the other Translation providers or send us screenshots of any errors in the Chrome Developer Console. You can open the Developer Console on Windows by pressing F12 when in chrome. On the Mac, you go to View -> Developer -> Javascript Console in the menu to open it.

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