Why do lots of browser tabs open when I Push Listings to Airtable or Start Automatic Sync?

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When you add new listings to your Airtable base from the Merch Wizard pane in the Merch by Amazon account Manage page, the Merch Wizard Extension will open up a series of tabs of your live product pages to extract the required information for saving to your base.

If you use the ‘Push Listings To Airtable’ button:

All Live listings currently displayed on your Merch Manage page will be pushed to your Airtable base. The number of visible live listings on that page will be pushed and tabs will open for all of these product listings. The faster your computer and internet connection, the more you will be able to push at a time.

Once Merch Wizard has the information it requires, the tabs will close down one by one automatically. If one or two get stuck (this is due to a browser time out limitation in Chrome and happens more frequently when you are trying to push too many for your system to handle) then if you click one of them, they should kick back into life and finish up the process.

See this article for more tips on how to push more listings at a time.

If you get any errors like this:

on your product page tabs, then click here for some troubleshooting tips.

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