Airtable Views to Sort, Filter & Group Products

Using the powerful, built in functionality of Airtable, you can look at your Merch by Amazon data in entirely new ways and create actionable views that will help you to edit, maintain, and monitor your product listings. You can use views to create lists of products that meet certain certain criteria, for example only standard […]

Link Listing & Design Files

Using the “Designs” table which is part of the Merch Wizard Starter Base, you can create a record that will essentially serve as a hub for each design, connecting it with its various corresponding product listing records. Simply create a design record, and then use the listings field to search for, and attach Merch by […]

Sync Product Listing Data to Airtable

It’s easy to sync all of of your Merch by Amazon product listings to your Airtable base using Merch Wizard. From the “manage” page of your Merch by Amazon dashboard, you can choose to sync an entire page of listings… Or you can sync a product listing, individually. Syncing a product that is already in […]