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Dropbox Cloud Storage is an Elite tier feature so if you’re not yet an Elite tier subscriber you’ll want to upgrade to use it.

Instead of pushing your PNGs to Airtable, you can utilize Dropbox storage (great news if you’re already a Dropbox customer) and push/backup all your Merch PNGs to your own Dropbox in a nice neat folder structure ?

If you already have an account then skip this step, if not go ahead and create a free Dropbox account (they call it their Basic tier) which will give you 2GB Free.

Now you can either follow this setup video or the instructions below it:

Setup Instructions

Now you’ve got your Dropbox account you can go to Merch Wizard’s settings page and connect the two, simply click the “Setup Dropbox Integration” button:

That will take you to your Dropbox developer apps page where you need to create an app so Merch Wizard can connect to your account. The good news is that simply clicking the below button will take care of most of the setup for you.

Once you’ve clicked the above button you’ll eventually land on the “Permissions” tab where you need to follow the Merch Wizard prompt to allow certain permissions so Merch Wizard can push your PNGs to your Dropbox storage.

Once you’ve enabled the required scopes, click the blue submit button then you should be returned to the Settings tab.

The Dropbox access token will then be generated and automatically added to Merch Wizard and you should see the below confirmation once the app has been created.

Now you can simply close that browser window and start pushing your PNGs to your Dropbox account.

You can always change back to Airtable storage at any time in the options by changing the highlighted dropdown back to Airtable.

Base Compatibility

Don’t forget, if your base doesn’t have the 3 fields below in the Designs table you’ll need to quickly add them (you’ll get a warning if they’re not there anyway). This takes less than a minute and you can follow the simple upgrade guide at https://merchwizard.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/43000549859

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