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Merch by Amazon is one of the fastest growing print on demand platforms in the world, and I know you’re itching to get your designs on there. Merch by Amazon has been around for a few years now, so it’s time that we all learned how to make our Merch by Amazon products stand out from the rest of the competition!

So how can you find out which designs will sell best? If your design doesn’t use a color or style from one of Merch by Amazon’s top selling t shirt styles, then there isn’t much chance that someone will buy it no matter how good the rest of your design is. Merch by Amazon recommends using colors like “Black” or “White” because they sell well on Merch by Amazon’s platform! Merch by Amazon’s best-selling products tend to use simple designs with large text or images as opposed to complex backgrounds or detailed lines.

If you’re designing with lots of different styles then make sure each style has its own variation (so when someone searches for something specific, such as say: Abstract Designs) then you can say something such as , “We have a wide selection of abstract designs available, check them out!”.

A good brand, title and bullet points can make all the difference. Merch by Amazon recommends using a title that is short and has the keywords you want to rank for. The bullet points should be longer but also provide more detail about your design but not describe the products themselves. Try making sure your title and bullet points say what they need to in just one or two sentences- this will maximize conversions because people won’t have to read an additional sentence before deciding whether or not they want to buy it.

Merch by Amazon is a fun and exciting way to make money with your design skills. It’s also challenging, as you’re competing against many other talented designers on the site for views and sales. That being said, there are some great best practices that can help you stand out from the crowd if followed correctly. If you would like to streamline your Merch By Amazon business Merch Wizard has all the tools you need to successfully scale, check out our home page today.

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