What happens when I delete a design from OrbitKit?

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If you delete a design from within your OrbitKit account, Merch Wizard will still think it is there as it sets a marker when pushing the design over which OrbitKit isn’t aware of.

The good news is, once you remove the design from OrbitKit AND clear this marker set by Merch Wizard, then you can push the design again.

Here’s how to clear the marker:

  • Identify the correct record in your Listings table in your Airtable base
  • Scroll around to find the UploadTo field
  • Click the field to make it active (so it gets a blue selection box around it)
  • If you can see the OrbitKit option, click the small X to the right of the OrbitKit text
  • Check the OrbitKit tag has been cleared


Now you can go back into your Merch Wizard extension, search for the listing again, select it and push again. It’s very important that you refresh the search by searching again as this reloads the data from Airtable into Merch Wizard. If you don’t refresh this search, Merch Wizard will still have the old data with the OrbitKit tag and think it’s still there.

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