How do I sync my product reviews?

The product review data is synced with your product listings, not your sales data. Whenever you push a live listing from your Merch by Amazon manage page your review data will be up-to-date. You add or update your product listings by clicking one of the following ‘Airtable’ buttons from your Merch Manage page. If you […]

How do I use Merch Wizard in Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode?

If pushing lots of listings by using the ‘Push Listings To Airtable’ button, it’s recommend to do this in Incognito Mode as it will be much faster. This is especially helpful if you have a slow internet connection, an older computer or for troubleshooting potential issues with other extensions conflicting with Merch Wizard . We […]

An error has occurred exporting to Airtable

There are a few reasons for getting this error. Most commonly, it’s because the Table Names, Field Names or Field Types has been changed from the original Merch Wizard Starter Template base. If you have changed any of these, please change them back to the original default settings. You can compare against the Starter Template or copy a new […]

I’m an early adopter, is the amount I’m paying locked in for life?

Yes. As long as you maintain an active subscription, you will always pay the same rate as a thank you for joining us from the start before we introduced the new features and pricing tiers. If you cancel however, your early adopter rate will no longer be valid. You are more than welcome to join […]

I’m an early adopter, which tier will I be in now?

Elite. (Top Tier)As one of our initial round of customers, you secured a great rate for as long as your subscription remains active. In return for joining us from the early days, you will always be Grandfathered into our top tier.

If my computer is lost, stolen or breaks, will I lose all my data?

No.Once you have pushed all of your live Merch by Amazon product listings using Merch Wizard to your Airtable base, all of your listing data is backed up and saved in your database in the cloud.You (and only you) can access your base from anywhere in the world at any time with an internet connection […]

Airtable API & Third Parties

There are some third party software companies that may ask you for your unique and very secret Airtable API key.Whilst you enter this in your Merch Wizard settings screen as part of your setup process, we never has access to this key. If you shared your key with any third party, then they can access […]

Merch Wizard Keyboard Shortcuts in Chrome

If you want to see what the default shortcuts are for using the Merch Wizard shortcuts in Chrome, just copy/paste this into your Chrome browser, you can quickly select it by triple clicking anywhere on the green text: chrome://extensions/shortcuts Scroll down the page until you find Merch Wizard and you will see the four assignable […]

System Requirements to use Merch Wizard

There are no hard and fast rules regarding what computer & internet speed are required to use Merch Wizard as it depends on which features you are using. This article has some guideline recommendations for a suggested minimum specification setup and a recommended setup. Clearly anything over and above this will just mean everything runs […]