Quick Setup Guide

QUICK & EASY SETUP REQUIRED! Before you can get started managing your product listings, you’ll need to get a FREE or PREMIUM Gumroad Key, and add the Free Merch Wizard Starter Template Base to your Airtable account. If you don’t already have a Free Airtable account, you’ll be prompted to create one. Prefer a video […]

Signing up for new FREE Airtable account

Visit the Airtable Sign up Page and enter your name, email address & password then click the blue ‘Sign up for free’ button or sign up with Google     Then you will receive an email with a link. You need to click this link to confirm your email address After you have clicked this link and […]

10 easy things to do once you have Merch Wizard up and running

Search for any TOS violations (“order a size up for a looser fit” etc) – especially for words that are now banned specifically on youth fit types Update sales stats and see which are best selling listings. Get them up on other Print on Demand (PODs) and Sales channels Look for listings with reviews – […]

What does this button do?

If you are unsure of what a particular setting in the extension does, more often than not, if you hover over it and hold your mouse there for a second you should get a little tooltip popup explaining what is is or what it’s for.

How to Duplicate/Backup your base

As with anything to do with computers, the first thing you should always do is backup and save your work regularly. You can also follow these steps if you with to duplicate your base for splitting it to use the base switcher in Merch Wizard. This applies especially more so when you are about to make […]

How to set up Deepl for Merch Wizard

Setting up Deepl will allow you to translate listing information using Merch Wizards translate buttons and Marketplace Migrator. Setup is super easy, and will only take a minute. Keep in mind that Deepl is a 3rd party premium service that requires a separate subscription. Follow the step by step instructions below, or follow along with […]