How to streamline your Amazon by Merch business

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How to streamline your Amazon by Merch business

In this article, we will discuss 3 main ways we are helping Merch By Amazon Sellers to grow their business and sell more merch.

As a Merch Seller, things can start simple but quickly get complicated. Managing hundreds of products and designs, as well as making sure you are getting as much exposure as possible.

Organizing, filtering, and editing products at a mass scale can take hours, which is why we highly recommend using AirTable.

As you can see in the image below, AirTable allows you to quickly do bulk edits and filter your products to find which products are selling. Amazon’s platform has come a long way, but we have found that the best Merch Sellers are using AirTable to manage their Merch.

And there are other benefits, for instance by using a centralized platform like AirTable you can use MerchWizard to automatically add all your products to other Merch stores like: TeeSpring, Printful, RedBubble, CafePress, SpreadShirt, Society6, Designbyhumans, Fineartamerica, and more.

MerchWizard is the tool that seamlessly allows you to sync all your products from Merch By Amazon to AirTable and then integrate with OrbitKit and sync your products across all platforms!

If you would like to learn more about Merch Wizard message us in the chat below and we would love to help you grow your Merch By Amazon business!

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