Common Setup Issues

Ok, you’re having a hard time getting up and running with Merch Wizard and Airtable — no worries, we’ll help you get this worked out! Most of the time, when a new user is experiencing difficulties, it’s one of these easy to correct problems. So just take a quick read through, check out each step, […]

I don’t see the Merch Wizard icon in Chrome, what do I do?

You should see the little Merch Wizard icon at the top right-hand side of your Chrome browser window, circled here in green: If you don’t see the icon, there are a few reasons for this. It’s possible to hide the icons, even though they are installed, by hovering to the right-hand side of the address/search […]

Every time I open the extension, new Airtable tab(s) keep opening

This could be an issue we have seen when Merch Wizard is updating your table data behind the scenes and finds a base that is saved in your Settings page that has since been deleted from your Airtable account. Just remove this base from the Merch Wizard extension settings page and restart your browser, this […]

Troubleshooting Google Translate Marketplace Migrator Issues

Troubleshooting Google Translate Marketplace Migrator Issues  Firstly, please check that your Google Translate account is still active as your free trial may have ended, sometimes you need upgrade to a paid cloud account. You still get a 500,000 character free allowance each month but you just need to add a payment method in case you […]

Known issues for Merch Wizard

Currently we are aware of these Chrome Extensions that cause issues or conflicts with Merch Wizard. These affect the proper function and performance of Merch Wizard and it’s advised to disable these when using the extension if you encounter any functional or performance issues. Merch Colors Merch Dashboard 2.0 Productor Ublock Origin – This slows […]

How to help us help you

If you need to reach out to us via our support ticketing system, there may be times when we ask you to provide further information, screen shots or record videos to show us the problem in real-time. This article explains the easiest ways to get these snippets and send them to us, so we can […]